The topics will include, but not limited to:

– Teaching for social change
– Teaching for social awereness
– Social and emotional teaching and learning
– Education for sustainability
– Environmental awereness teaching and learning
– Education and Teaching in the information age
– Teaching for creative and critical thought
– Psychology, teaching and learning
– Personalized learning
– Healthy learning/teaching culture
– Teaching current world events awareness
– Extra-curricular activities for social awareness
– Education/teaching for inclusivity
– New pedagogic paradigms
– New tools for teaching
– Multilingual education
– Learning for employment
– Teaching for entrepreneurship
– Environmental awareness teaching
– Mobility in education and teaching
– Educational policies and strategies
– Platforms for teaching
– uLearning
– Autonomous learning
– Cooperative learning and teaching
– Learning and competitivity
– Learning, teaching and videogames
– Technologic educative ecosystems
– I+D+i indicators in Educative innovation and quality
– Virtual labs
– E-learning
– Emerging technologies for teaching and learning
– Web 2.0/3.0 in learning (social networks, semanthics)
– Relationship between Society/Organizations and Cybernetics/Cyber-
– Information Society Technologies
– Impact of Informatics and Cybernetics on Societies and Cultures
– Innovations in e-Learning
– Best Practices in Multimedia-based Education
– Technology-moderated Training Approaches
– Social Impact of Technology-driven Education
– International Cooperation in ICT and/or Engineering Education